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Does Drinking Water Improve Your Hair Health

by Sellfilter - Updated 2023-03-20 15:14:16

Hair is an interesting thing. Women care so much about heir hair health and require massive upkeep. As people age, many find that their hair grows at a much slower rate than in the past. The oil secretion of the skin is slowed down, resulting in dry and brittle hair, and even facing with hair loss. Hair becomes harder to manage with age and doesn't look as luscious and lively as it did a few years ago. So we need to pay attention to hair health if we want to keep hair looking and feeling healthy.


Hair Follicles Require Sufficient Water


We all know that our hair is made up of dead cells and the living parts of hair are follicles. When hair follicles are deficient in water, hair can become dry and brittle and may stop growing. Drink enough water to support hair growth from root to tip. It also helps prevent split ends and brittle hair and keeps your scalp healthy. Water is also very important for regulating the circulatory system, providing vital nutrients to the hair follicles, which in turn help hair grow. In addition, the water activates all the nerve endings and other sensors in the hair roots, thereby increasing the natural vitality of the hair.


Minerals in the Water Prevent Hair Loss


Water contains minerals such as iron, zinc, copper and calcium. Copper affects the pigmentation of hair. Its deficiency can lead to abnormal hair. Calcium keeps your hair healthy and shiny. Iron deficiency is known to cause hair loss and telogen effluvium (temporary hair loss). Zinc is another trace element that affects hair growth. Studies have shown that zinc deficiency can lead to hair loss, and zinc supplementation can stimulate hair growth and also affect cell proliferation and the size of sebaceous glands, which are important for hair growth.


Make Water Part of Your Routines


Drink water with every meal, and instead of thinking of your intake as a large bottle of water at one time, sip water gradually throughout the day. Keep a refill next to your desk, bed, purse or gym bag to remind you to refill throughout the day.


Install refrigerator water filter in your fridge is a simple way to keep this habit. Whenever you open your fridge, you can get fresh water - one that removes at least 90% of chlorine and other contaminants. The reduction of chlorine in water can help your scalp health and hair vitality, keep your hair moisture, reduce dandruff and repair broken hair. Your hair, just like your body, needs hydration to stay healthy.


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